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Presentation at the RemTech Europe

The results of the LIFE ReSoil project will be presented at the RemTech Europe conference held at the RemTech Expo in Ferrara from 18-20. September 2019. An oral presentation titled “Large-scale demonstration of novel, fully sustainable chelator-based heavy metal washing” will be presented as part of session 5 “Soil Remediation”on Thursday 19 September from 10:20 …


Photo Gallery: Demonstration garden – September 2019

Activities in September at the Demonstrational vegetable garden: -Leek was harvested and spinach was planted instead, -Kohlrabi and carrots remain in the raised beds.


Ambassador of the Embassy of the Republic of Kosovo in Slovenia visited the demonstration facility

His Excellency Mr. Avni Kastrati, Ambassador of the Embassy of the Republic of Kosovo in Slovenia, visited the demonstration facility in Prevalje on 11th of September  2019. As the Ambassador is originally from Mitrovica, one of the most polluted areas of the Republic of Kosovo, he expressed great interest in the presented remediation technology. We …


3rd China International Soil Remediation Summit

The ReSoil technology was presented at 3rd China International Soil Remediation Summit. Conference was held from 5-6 September 2019 in Beijing. Our delegates gave a presentation entitled »A sustainable chelator-based remediation of heavy metals contaminated soils« at Parallel Forum 2 Soil-groundwater remediation.   Conference web page: ReSoil technology movie with chinese subtitles:  


Raised beds with remediated soil at BOKU department of Agrobiotechnology in Tullin, Austria

Soil from Arnoldstein, Austria, was remediated in the demonstration plant in Prevalje. Researchers from the partner University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna, will assess hazard mitigation and safe food production on remediated Austrian soil. Setup of the raised beds was made in July 2019 at the BOKU department of Agrobiotechnology in Tullin, Austria. …


Open day of the Demonstration Garden

  A demonstration garden was designed in order to demonstrate the impact of ReSoil technology on soil quality. Experiments at the demonstration garden were designed to compare plant growth on original and remediated soil. The demonstration garden is located in the immediate vicinity of the Demonstration plant and is accessible to interested visitors. Demonstration garden …


Invitation to the Open day at the ReSoil Remediation garden

You are invited to the Open day at the ReSoil Remediation garden. On Saturday 18th May 2019 10:30 AM – 12:30 PM. Location Pri Brančurniku 24, Prevalje. You are welcome to notify the intention of attendance with email by Friday 17th May 2019.


The end of the LIFE ReSoil project

Companies Envit and Arhel and have successfully completed an EU LIFE program funded project and demonstrated an innovative technology for soil remediation, fully developed in Slovenia. Testing of the technology in a demonstration plant confirmed feasibility of remediation with proposed technology in a big scale. Remediated soil enables safe vegetable production. The demonstration plant at …


The Conference proceedings

Top 17 experts from various Slovenian and foreign institutions presented their lectures at the Closer conference of LIFE ReSoil project. The final conference program was divided into three sections. In the first section, lectures were held on the role of soil and the consequences of soil contamination with potentially toxic elements. In the second section, …


Photo Gallery: Opening ceremony

Photo: Damjan Adam

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