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Dissemination: News program on RTV Slovenia-TV Maribor

Link to a news Remediation of Meža Valley. News presenter: Duška Lah Speakers: mag. Matej Ivartnik (Institute of Public Health) and Dr. Neza Finžgar (Envit d.o.o.) The news program of RTV Slovenia-TV Maribor.  


Free analysis of soil samples for residents of Mežica Valley

Residents of Municipalities Črna na Koroškem, Mežica, Prevalje in Ravne are welcome to send us samples of their garden soil. Samples will be analyzed for presence of potential toxic elements as lead, zinc, cadmium. Analysis are free of charge for the residents of the Mežica Valley. For more information please contact us by email.


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02.11.2015   Intervju, Časopis Dnevnik 28.10.2015  Sredina sredica, Koroški radio 24.10.2015   Vrtove bodo oprali svinca, Delo 22.10.2015   Danes ob 13ih, 14:29, Radio Slovenija 13.10.2015   Zemljino in svinec bodo ločevali na Prevaljah, Večer  


The Planning Permision

We are proud to announce that we obtained the planning permision for the soil remediation plant in Dobja vas (Prevalje).


A Building permit application has been submitted

18 different design and technical documentation projects or 4070 g of documents and coordination of 12 companies were needed to prepare Project for acquisition of a building permit.


An article about the ReSoil project was published in a local publication

An article about the ReSoil project was published in the August edition of local publication of the Municipality of Črna na Koroškem. The publication Črnjanske cajtnge with the article about the ReSoil project is available here.



Dear reader. If you are a resident of Municipality Črna na Koroškem or Mežica, please take a few minutes to fill out a survey about the state of the environment in your residence area. Thank you.


Progress in growth of vegetable in the first raised bed with remediated soil

Take a look at vegetable growing in the first raised bed with remediated soil. Ms Paula takes great care of her vegetable!


We are looking for pilot sites for soil remediation

We would like to invite owners of vegetable garden plots or other type of land from Črna na Koroškem and Mežica, to contact us for free of charge remediation of their soil.  


The first raised vegetable bed with remediated soil

The first raised vegetable bed with the remediated soil was set up in Rudarjevo. Soil was remediated within the ReSoil project while a frame and a geo-textile fabric was set up by the Municipality of Črna. We will let you know about Mrs Paula’s gardening achievements on remediated soil.

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