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The Survey about the environment in project area

Dear residents of Municipality Črna na Koroškem, Mežica, Prevalje or Ravne na Koroškem, please take three minutes to fill out a survey about the state of the environment in your residence area. Thank you.


Visit of Students from University of Ljubljana

We were pleased to welcome a group of master students from Biotechnical Faculty, University of Ljubljana.


RemTech Europe – European Conference on remediation markets and technologies

RemTech Europe – European Conference on remediation markets and technologies was scheduled for 20-22 September 2017 in the beautiful town of Ferrara, near Bologna (in the North-East of Italy). RemTech is the most specialized event in Italy on contaminated sites remediation and territory protection and requalification. More information about the event:


Inspection of the Commission for a Technical review to obtain the Site Operating Permit

Inspection of the Commission for the Technical review was made on 7th of September 2017. A permit for the trial operation of the demonstration facility will be issued from the local authority till the end of the September 2017.


Press Conference

  The Press Conference was held at Grand Hotel Union in Ljubljana on 18th of July 2017. Please read some responses in our local media: MMC Večer e-Koroška Večer STA


Movie about the ReSoil soil remediation technology


Smart Cities Conference 2017, Austin, Texas

ENVIT’s soil remediation technology was selected among  + 300 applications as one of technologies that will change smart cities. The Innovation Challange was part of Smart City Connects Conference that was held in Austin in June 2017. The technology and the LIFE ReSoil project was presented as lecture,  at a booth and as a poster.


Visit of Students from the High School Ravne

Students from the High School Ravne came to see the Demonstration plant and learn about soil remediation.


Demonstration plant Open day on Saturday 10th of June 2017

  On Saturday, 20th May 2017, you can visit us between 9:o0 am and 11:00 am at the Demonstration plant in Prevalje. Location of the event: Pri Brančurniku 24,  Prevalje All residents are kindly welcome to bring soil samples from their garden. Concentration of some selected potentially toxic metals will be analyzed free of charge.


Open day event to celebrate the 25 Anniversary of the LIFE program

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