About the project

Project title: Demonstration of innovative soil washing technology for removal of toxic metals from highly contaminated garden soil

Project number: LIFE12 ENV/SI/000969

Project acronym: LIFE ReSoil

Project beneficiary: ENVIT

Associated beneficiary: ARHEL

Total project cost: 2,235,903 Euro

EC financial support: 1,117,951 Euro

Project period: July – 2013 – December 2018

Project goals

The aim of the project is a successful local and international demonstration of innovative soil washing technology for removal of toxic metals from highly contaminated soil.

The work plan consists of the following activities:

  • Design of the demonstration plant for the treatment of contaminated soil.
  • Construction of the facility equipped with all mechanical and electrical equipment needed to achieve soil remediation capacity of 6 tons of soil per day.
  • Remediation of 2200 tons of soil or approximately one hectare of land.
  • Elaboration of implementation plan for delivering of contaminated soil into the demonstration plant
  • Dissemination of the technology to achieve acceptance of the technology in the area of project.
  • Implementation and promotion of the technology abroad.
  • Monitoring of environmental and socio-economic impacts of the project.

Project work packages

A1 Preparatory actions
B1 Design of demonstration plant
B2 Construction of demonstration plant
B3 Testing of the operation of the demonstration plant
B4 Planning of remediation and implementation of permanent soil delivering to the plant
B5 Operation and monitoring of plant operation
B6 Management of hazardous wastes that form during the process and a study of the possibility of their reuse or recycle into inert wastes.
C1 Monitoring of impact of the project actions
D1 Communication and dissemination actions
E1 Project management
E2 Evaluation of project progress
E3 Financial project management


Expected results of the project LIFE ReSoil are the following:

  • Construction of demonstration plant for treatment of contaminated soil.
  • 350 days of plant operation with a full capacity of 6 tons of soil per day, or remediation of 2200 tons of contaminated soil.
  • Achieving our environmental goal that is removal of 75% of lead from contaminated soil, reduction of the possibility of metals input into the human body by indigestion of contaminated soil particles or input by food.
  • Acceptance of the technology by local community, expression of interest for the technology in abroad.
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