Planning and construction of demonstration plant

Planning of the demonstration plant

Contents: Planning of the demonstration plant starts with the elaboration of the project tasks. The aim of the project tasks is to precisely define the functional, economical and environmental characteristics of the demonstration plant. Defined project tasks are flowed by the conceptual and detailed design of the demonstration plant. Planning includes technological design, mechanical and installation design, design of electrical equipment and electrical installations and production of the building constructions. The basis for obtaining a building permits is the leading file.

Main deliverables:

  • Leading file
  • Building permit

Status: completed

Implementation period:  October 2013 – September 2015

Construction of demonstration plant

Contents: Sub-action construction of a demonstration plant begins with the technological preparation for the construction and installation. Simultaneously the following actions are underway: purchase processes with submission of requirements and specifications for bids, technical and commercial negotiations, contracting, reception and storage of materials. Construction Phase is divided into two parts: the construction and installation of equipment. The facility will be built on 400 square meters and will be consisted of the following functional units: remediation plant, control room, storage for clean and contaminated soil, warehouse for consumables, laboratory and toilets. The construction will be completed by a trial operation and handover for the needs of test operation.

Main deliverables:
• constructed facility

Status: Completed

Implementation period: September 2015 – December 2017

Trial operation of the demonstration plant

Content: For employees, a theoretical and practical training of plant management will be performed. Experimental treatment of contaminated soil will be carried out, which will be followed by fine adjustment of the system and elimination of deficiencies. Operating license will be acquired and operational guidelines will be elaborated. The activity ends with a ceremonial handover of the plant.


  •  Workshops for theoretical and practical training,
  • Operating license for a demonstration plant
  • Ceremonial handover.

Status: completed.

Implementation period: January 2018 – September  2018

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