Remediation of polluted soil

Planning of remediation and implementation of permanent soil delivering system to the plant

Content: We will prepare a remediation plan, which includes the preparation of the priority list of plots for remediation. We will obtain the permission for remediation from the plot owners. Supply of contaminated soil in the demonstration plant and transport of remediated soil back to the area of excavation will be carried out in accordance with the remediation plan.


  • Remediation plan with a priority list.

Status: completed.

Implementation period: January 2014 – September 2017

Implementation of remediation

Contents: For the remediation of contaminated soil, 360 operating days are estimated, with a capacity of 6 tons per day. We plan to remediate 2200 tons of contaminated soil, which is slightly less than one hectare of land. During the implementation of the remediation, the optimization of the process will be carried out and monitoring of deviations of remediation parameters, to determine the remediation costs and the environmental and socio-economic impacts of entire demonstration plant.

Demonstrative vegetable garden with remediated soil within the project area.
Report on the costs of remediation and calculation of the remediation costs in EUR per ton of soil.

Status: Completed.

Implementation period: October 2018 – December 2018

Waste management

Content: We will prepare a waste management plan that will be carried out in accordance with applicable legislation. External provider will store generated waste until its removal. We expect the production of 6 kilograms of waste daily. During the project, we will explore the possibility of processing of hazardous waste into an inert waste and the possibility of its use.


  • The waste management plan.
  • Report on the potential for processing of hazardous waste into an inert waste.
  • Report on the possibility of reuse of waste.

Status: Completed.

Implementation period: April 2015 – December 2018.

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