Oral presentation of ​ReSoil technology at GENEVA Eurosoil 2021

Virtual oral presentation of ReSoil technology entitled ”Large-scale demonstration of ReSoil, a sustainable technology for soil washing of metal contaminated soil” was presented at GENEVA Eurosoil 2021. Simon Gluhar, PhD presented results of ReSoil technology in session SDG11 – Managing urban environment: technologies and methodologies for the management and reuse of soils and sediments 1.


Three novel ReSoil research papers have been published

Three papers published one after another in high-ranked scientific journal Science of The Total Environment. For more information regarding the ReSoil research, please click on the links below, where all three original peer reviewed papers are published: Part I – GLUHAR, Simon, KAURIN, Anela, FINŽGAR, Neža, GERL, Marko, KASTELEC, Damjana and LEŠTAN, Domen. Demonstrational gardens with …


Mini-Symposium on SOIL REMEDIATION in combination with SOIL WASHING – Final Meeting

At mini-syphosium held on 12the of July at UFT Tulln (BOKU) Austria Envit presented three oral and one poster presentation. At mini-symposium held on 12the of July at UFT Tulln (BOKU) Austria Envit presented three oral and one poster presentation. Overview of ”RE-SOIL Project and Prevalje-Experiment” was presented by prof. Domen Leštan, folowed by Simon …


Expo Dubai 2020

In Envit we are proud that Slovenia’s promotional video at the Expo exhibition in Dubai will include the innovative breakthrough ReSoil technology. With the company Arctur and in cooperation with the public agency SPIRIT Slovenia, is Envit participating in a promotional video of Slovenia, which will be presented at the Expo exhibition in Dubai. The …


Presentation of Novel technology for detoxing soil, supported by H2020

Cleaning up contaminated soil is essential to preserving human health and the environment. In Europe alone, more than 340 000 sites are highly contaminated, while in China, 20 per cent of the farmland requires urgent remediation action. ReSoil is the single available remediation option that efficiently removes lead and other toxic metals from contaminated soils, …


China International Import Expo (CIIE, 2019)

Envit Ltd. will participate at China International Import Expo (CIIE, 2019). The fair will take place between November 5 and 10, 2019. The presence of Slovenian companies at CIIE 2019 is of key importance above all for the maintenance (mainly local ones) as well as for the presentation of high-tech and innovative Slovenian products such …


Presentation at the RemTech Europe

The results of the LIFE ReSoil project will be presented at the RemTech Europe conference held at the RemTech Expo in Ferrara from 18-20. September 2019. An oral presentation titled “Large-scale demonstration of novel, fully sustainable chelator-based heavy metal washing” will be presented as part of session 5 “Soil Remediation”on Thursday 19 September from 10:20 …

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